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Nostalgia was the main agenda last week on Trends with 50 deadly phrases from the 90's that we need to bring back in 2015. We also featured the best Irish start-ups causing waves in international markets and even featured some actual waves that were literally freezing in the sea mid, erm wave. My favourite post was Dylan Varian's on Pornhub's version of wearable tech below... an absolutely genius gadget that really just makes so much sense. That and six more other super posts here that were the most popular on the site this week, enjoy!

10. Create Dirty Energy With Pornhub's Wearable Kinetic Charger


9. Beam - The Mini Projector That Screws Into Any Lightbulb Fitting

5.Beam 1

8. America Is So Cold Right Now The Waves Are Freezing


7. 7 Event Trends For 2015


6. This Old Airplane Has Been Converted Into An Exclusive Hotel Experience


5. The Rugged Beauty Of Ireland Captured Perfectly In 120 Seconds [Video]


4. 17 Facts That Prove That Tayto Are The Best Crisps In The World


3. 50 Phrases From The 90's That We Need To Bring Back In 2015

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2. 10 Irish Start Ups Thinking Big And Showing How It Is Done Internationally


1. 10 Best Places To Grab A Coffee And Work In Cork With Free Wi-Fi


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