The 50 Most Influential People On Twitter In Ireland


Myself and the team were debating the other day who we thought were the most influential people in Ireland on Twitter which divided opinion so I've decided compile a list (we all love a good list) of the top 50. It covers the best of the best in sport, media, tech and overall soundness. These are the people you should be following:

50th. Rosemary McCabe

When it comes to fashion the brands in Ireland only need to get to one person. Finger well and truly on the pulse.


49th. Jamie White

The youngest smartest entrepreneur in the country. You might not know him by name yet but you will soon.


48th. Eamon Leonard

When it comes to tech not much happens in this city without Eamon knowing about it.


47th. Vicki Notaro

Vicki has been influencing your decisions and opinions for years through her work with Kiss Mad, VIP group and now the Independent if and heads up the best publication in print media in my opinion.


46th. Nialler9

You think you know about music until you head to this mans blog and realise just how little you know.


45th. Adrian Weckler

Well known as the best tech writer in the country and somebody who is respected throughout the community.


44th. Sinead Burke

Little woman making a big impression on the world and putting huge smiles on all our faces on social media.


43rd. Brian Caulfield

On the money when it comes to investing and having his finger on the pulse of start ups in Ireland.


42nd. Darragh Doyle

One man self promotion machine who does a lot to shine the light on events in the city.


41st. Colin Harmon

Best coffee maker in town and all round good guy who supports people in the foodie community.


40th. Caroline Kennedy

Luxury PR and generally one of the best connected people in town.


39th. Gene Murphy

The man screams start ups when you meet him. Super passionate and great for Dublin.


38th. Roz Purcell

One of the top models in Ireland but also super food blogger and influential when it comes to promoting brands.


37th. Sean Earley

Young gun mixing PR and digital and right on the money.


36th. Daniella Moyles

A seriously positive influence on the city and super well connected and always trying innovative new things.


35th. Niall McGarry

General all round media guy running some of the biggest online titles in Ireland.


34th. Louise McSharry

Super positive character flying the flag high for women in radio and only on the up.


33rd. Maser

The best art in the city. Growing his fan base well beyond Dublin these days.


32nd. Ross O'Carroll Kelly

Not technically a real person but a real household name in our rugby nation.


31st. Cian Healy

Not just a great rugby player but also general coffee lover and all round influential dude.


30th. Pol O Conghaile

When it comes to travel and being promoting Ireland nobody does it better than Pol.


29th. Cera Ward

Flying the Irish flag in one of the biggest companies in the world, Google as Ireland country manager.


28th. Conor McGregor

With a fight in Croker next summer he is going to be one of the biggest box office draws in the world in 2015 plus he's fucking hilarious online.


27th. Donal Skehan

Cooking up awesome food, selling pies and generally raising the profile of Ireland.


26th. Rick O'Shea

Radio host, event MC and complete geek.


25th. Pat Phelan

Not living In Ireland but well engrained in the tech scene in both Dublin and his native Cork.


24th. Paddy Cosgrove

Founder of the Websummit. Enough said.


23rd. Marissa Carter

One woman battering ram who is taking over the world in her own unique way.


22nd. Bressie

You'll know him from The Voice but also putting mental health on the map with amazing candid speeches.


21st. Una Mullally

One of the most opinionated people in Ireland and an awesome equality referendum campaigner.


20th. Des Traynor

Co-founder of one of the most exciting start ups in Ireland and all round design and UI genius.


19th. Eoghan McDermott

This guy is so on the ball and well connected in the entertainment industry. Amazing TV presenter too.


18th. Jamie Heaslip

One of our own but does as much off the rugby pitch to promote great Irish businesses.


17th. Brian Spollen

Huge influence in the entertainment industry in Ireland. He's probably the reason for many dates, marriages and rides that go hand in hand with gigs.


16th. Jim Nugent

Radio host making us laugh our asses off every single morning. Voice of Dublin.


15th. Arseblog

Not known by all but probably the biggest blogger to ever come out of Ireland.


14th. Colm O'Regan

The genius behind our favourite 'Irish Mammies' brand.


13th. Brian O'Driscoll

BOD. What more can you say. What he says is golden.


12th. David Cochrane

Ran and now at the Irish Times. Finger firmly on the pulse of digital and politics.


11th. Caroline Downey

Known for lots of things but none will be more important than bringing Hozier to a global stage this year.


10th. Dara O'Briain

One of the smartest and funniest men alive and lucky to call him Irish.


9th. Mark Little

Used to present the news but took the huge lead into tech start ups and had a big exit.


8th. Fionn Davenport

The man with the distinctive voice who talks so much sense.


7th. Gillian Nelis

Huge interest in food but also major influence on the Sunday Business Post and online.


6th. Pantibliss

Had a huge year and made so many people proud of the big risks he took to further his cause and that of others.


5th. Frank Fitzgibbon

Editor of the Sunday Times and highly engaging on Twitter.


4th. Miriam O'Callaghan

TV presenter, radio host and super mum, highly entertaining character and the most influential woman in Ireland.


3rd. Colin Tobin

General all round comic genius.


2nd. Gerry Adams

Controversial inclusion but as the leader of the most popular party right now what he says on Twitter always carries great weight.


1st. David McWilliams

The person who came out of the bust in the best light because he called it along and continues to offer great wisdom.

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