The Cheapest Home Cinema Option Ever

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With Netflix being responsible for the vast majority of us being obsessed with staying in and binge-watching for days, it's time we all thought about improving our viewing experience.

While laptops on our laps are grand if it's just the two of you, or in 100% of my cases just myself, three or more is a crowd around a tiny screen so wouldn't it be swell if you could project it onto a wall? Projectors are known for being expensive pieces of tech and let's be honest not all of us would bother spending a couple hundred on one. But boy do I have the solution, and boy is it cheap.

Luckies of London's 'Smartphone Projector' is made from rigid cardboard but don't underestimate this little box - it is guaranteed to give you a glorious cinematic experience. The stylish little projector even has a tiny glass lens that offers 8x magnification. Get in!

Starts at €27.89 on FIREBOX (BUY)

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The only downfall is with this is that it will not accommodate distinctly larger smartphones like the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy 3.

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Louise Johnston

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