The Germans Have Invented The Ultimate Smoking Chair

And, in fairness, it looks insane

Screen Shot 2016 04 19 At 20 59 34

For many, smoking a cigar is the perfect way to unwind on occasion. 

But why smoke your beautiful Cuban work of art in any old chair, when you can have a chair that's made for smoking in? 

A German company have created the ultimate luxury chair which has a place to hold a drink, the ashtray and comes in fine wood and eco leather. 

You'd want to have a fair few quid spare to be splashing out on this, but man do we want one.

Screen Shot 2016 04 19 At 20 59 29
Screen Shot 2016 04 19 At 21 00 01
Screen Shot 2016 04 19 At 20 59 34

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