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The iPhone Is 10-Years-Old Today – Here's 15 Ways It Changed Our Lives

By Alana Laverty

January 9, 2017 at 1:25pm


The iPhone is ten years old today but Apple says the best is yet to come. 

HOW has it been ten years already? That makes us feel very old. 

We don't know how much better it can get, bar the improvement of minor things that irritate us on the daily, soooo we decided to take a look back at how the iPhone changed our lives over the last decade...

1. The birth of the selfie / front camera 

From the perfect amount of blurriness for selfies to the ability to use it as a mirror for applying makeup – the front camera changed our lives forever. 

Quite possibly the best selfie of all time?

Bhx Wutn Ceaat Eq6

2. Blood-boiling frustration of shite batteries 

You give it a full night's beauty sleep – at least seven hours sleep like, and it goes and feckin' dies on you when you need it most. 

Thanks a lot. 

Shutterstock 408342142

3. The abandonment of physical keyboards 

The touch keyboard didn't take long to get used to but it changed the game big-time. Less effort and faster messaging. 

Shutterstock 386648638

4. No longer a need for a dictionary

Who needs a dictionary or encyclopedia when you can have every word with the touch of a button? 

And it really made scrabble so much easier to play. 

Shutterstock 392723320

5. Mojo 

Mobile journalism has changed how media is produced forever. 

Videos, pictures, words = instant articles. 

Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and many others can be used to gather the bones of a story. It can be written directly from a phone or put together in a news room, be edited and ready in minutes. 

Shutterstock 268542077

6. The Mp3 player and phone became one 

An iPod built into your iPhone = music at your fingertips.

And now with Spotify, 8Tracks joining iTunes and Apple Music – the choices our endless. 

Our morning commute would be unbearable without tunes. 

Shutterstock 447440734

7. Everyone is a photographer

The majority of pics we see while scrolling through Instagram and Facebook are taken on iPhones – but you'd never know since most of them are UNREAL. 

And the quality has only improved over the years. 

Shutterstock 539510215

8. No longer a need for watches 

Who needs a watch when you can just check the time on your phone?

No one. Leave the Michael Kors at home. 

Shutterstock 229132192

9. No longer a need for maps 

Navigate anywhere and everywhere with Google maps or Apple maps. 

We don't remember what life was like before we could just enter our location and go! 

Shutterstock 474502345

10. Long distance relationships made better 

No, we're not referring to sexting you dirty thang. 

We mean general communication. With the likes of iMessage and Facetime you can be in constant, visual contact with your significant other regardless of where you are. 

No telegrams necessary. 


11. Autocorrect ruins lives 

Who else has sent countless "for duck's sake" messages? 

12. You can creep on anyone and everyone without getting arrested

We no longer fear restraining orders – we can be total creeps from the comfort of our iPhones. 


13. You can order food with one click 

You don't even need to phone the place, just use an app to minimise human contact – life-changing. 

Shutterstock 424023619

14. Introduced conversation between man and inanimate objects 

"Knock, knock, who's there?"

15. Launched the touch revolution 

With just one home button, two volume buttons and a lock button – touch become everything. 

After the iPhone, everything became touch screen. TVs, computers, tablets, e-readers, watches – literally everything tech-based. 

Shutterstock 446562511


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