The Kevin Bacon Web Film (Not An Ad) About Eggs


Grey Advertising has created the greatest egg commercial of all time for the American Egg Board. Promoting waking up to eggs with bacon and with an endless set of lines from our timeless Footloose star, Kev Bacon. From 2012, Bacon has appeared in a major advertising campaign for the EE mobile network in the United Kingdom, based on the Six Degrees concept and his various film roles. The Six Degrees project mentioned in the ad is a social networking site intended to link people and charities to each other.

Kevin Bacon has released six albums with his brother, starred in almost 80 movies and been the lead in classics such as Footloose, Sleepers and The River Wild has potentially created his greatest moment yet with this ad. It really is eggsellent! There is only one Kevin Bacon and he goes great with eggs.


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Written By

Graham Kinsella

General Manager Lovin Group