The New Sennheiser Sports Range


Lots of announcements from headphone manufacturers during CES this week to include Sennheiser's new sports range. Good news if your the athletic type that simply cannot wear bulky headphones while being active.

The company say they've based their designs on the latest scientific research into the impact of extreme movement on sound quality. The sports range includes four different earphones all with unique features: MX 686 Sports, PMX 686 Sports, CX 686 Sports, and OCX 686 Sports. The MX and PMX models have more open acoustics for better environmental awareness, while the CX and OCX have been designed to ensure ear canals are closed to help keep external sounds out. And the best feature on these earphones? They're water resistant and washable which is ideal for cleaning off sweat, dirt and other materials that might get stuck to them.

Prices start from €29.90 (BUY)


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Louise Johnston

With experience in the Irish FMCG industry LoJo has previously worked for global brands such as Bacardi and Red Bull. She can be described as a passionate infomaniac with an innate flare for brands, marketing and tech trends.