The Only Camera You Need In 2015- Panasonic Lumix GF7


It would take a lot for me to carry an extra camera on top of the one that comes built into my iPhone 6 but this new Lumix from Panasonic could be the one. Not only does it have 16 megapixels, a super slick retro design and built in WIFI- it also comes with it's own smart selfie technology. You may laugh but selfies are a big thing these days and with the 180 degree rotating screen this is the ultimate vanity camera. You can use face shutter by waving your hand or if you're with a buddy and squeeze together it will also take the photo automatically. As if that wasn't enough, "Jump Shot" uses the camera's accelerometer to calculate the arc of your jump to capture a shot at the perfect moment.

Apart from the fun with the selfies this is a serious camera and the price of between €500-600 seems about right. It would take an awful lot for non professional photographers to buy a standalone camera these days but this one is tempting.


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