The Pono Player and Pono Music


Streaming of music is now the norm for many and everyone has their preferred service and playlists. Premium services promise higher quality sound. There is big talk about Pono Music currently in beta and owned by Neil Young they say they have the highest quality music files available. Not only that but part of the eco system includes a player. The technology behind it sounds like it uses the Pied Piper algorithm from Silicon Valley.


The player is based on Ayre systems that cost thousands. You can listen to it via headphones or plug it into your car or home stereo. At $399 it feels a bit rich for something that I can do with my phone. It does feel like a step backward. I personally don't want to carry a separate camera, music player, phone and wallet! Maybe for audiophiles this is the ideal upgrade that they can plug into their home stereo system. Just as pro photographers have big cameras now the music heads can have their Pono.


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Written By

Graham Kinsella

General Manager Lovin Group