The Zipper Reinvented- They Should All Be Designed Like This


There are some things we use everyday and we just accept how they operate. Let's get back to basics, the zip is one of these things. But throw gloves and cold hands into the mix and layering up can be ridiculously slow and painstaking.

Under Armour, a brand only around since 1996 has really made its mark through clever marketing and by creating some new sporting categories. Best known for its base layers (thermal and recovery) they have moved into other areas such as gym, golf more recently snow gear. Their marketing ensures the best athletes are wearing their products with cleverly placed logos.

The Zipper Reinvented

To stand out from the pack they have thrown these extremely clever features into their latest collection. One is the magzip and the other notable feature is Infrared, a ceramic lining to help you keep warm.


The magzip totally reinvents the conventional zip. The bottom clasp of the zip is magnetic which joins the two sides together perfectly aligning them with no stress. Its one of those things that makes you think why aren't all zips like this. This is definitely perfect for mountain wear. The only downside is if you have a pace maker you're advised not to use them!


Under Armour is definitely a brand to watch in the coming years.

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