These "LEGO" Modular Structures Are Used To Repair Damaged Coral Reefs


Alex Goad, an Australian designer has created these modular structures to help repair damaged coral reefs. The modular components are made using ceramics that act like (LEGO) building bricks to restore diminishing marine environments.

The concept known as MARS (Modular Artificial Reef Structure) are an affordable way of installing aids to support the living organisms under the water. The ceramic actually mimics the calcium skeletons of dead coral and allows the living coral to grow and also provides a shelter for the wildlife in the ocean. Alex's designs help restore the environments in 8-15 years which may have taken 100 years without intervention.

MARS has already been trialled in and around Melbourne's Port Phillip Bay as well as in Cairns and at local aquariums. This is probably one of the best efforts seen at restoring the damage humans have made to the coral reefs through construction and global warming.

MARS - Modular Artificial Reef Structure

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