These Vintage Car Lights Are Turned Into Gorgeous Lamps


Some of the best creativity in the world comes out of Berlin and the Urban light factory is the latest example of that. They take the headlights from scrapped cars, motorbikes and tractors and turn them into lamps, tripods and suspended lighting that you can buy online. They rewire the lamps and clean up the electrics but apart from that they are restored as close to their original design as possible. Thy are even sent to you in boxes made out of cut offs and all packages come with a toolkit so as you can change the bulb easily yourself when the time comes. The final nice touch is a booklet that tells you a little story about the history of the individual lamp. Have a look through the options and buy one here.

old headlights lamps 03
old headlights lamps 04
old headlights lamps 01
old headlights lamps 05
old headlights lamps 06
old headlights lamps 08

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