This Gorgeous Little Dune House Is Beautifully Designed


People with cash tend to build houses by the seaside to maximise the view of the water but most are ugly eyesores on the landscape blocking the view for others. These two dune houses were created by architect William Morgan on land that he owned in Florida. There are two duplexes built into the dune and both have 750 square foot of space and some of the most stunning views with windows opening straight onto the beach. The best part about these dune houses is that they were built way back in 1975 after a hurricane created the dune out of nothing. Despite being over 40 years old, the design is absolutely timeless. The reason they stay where they are is that they use a gunite-concrete shell which is the same technology used in swimming pools. We'd love to rent these and escape the world with a good book. Full set of pics here. What a view!


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Niall Harbison

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