This Gorgeous Luxury Mini House Costs $70,000


Chris Heininge is a talented designer and craftsman who has built 100s of houses but his latest project is something very unique. Taking inspiration from his teenage years spent living in Japan he has created a stripped back house that sells for just $70,000. The house is 280 square foot and features most of the things you would expect to find in a normal house including a kitchen, storage, living area, upstairs bedroom (with 7 foot high ceiling) and even a full size shower and jacuzzi.

You don't need foundations for the house and he'll send them anywhere in the world but you will have to pay for the delivery yourself. With huge housing bubbles in Dublin and London this would be way better than some of the expensive one bedroom bedsits we've seen on the market. Not ideal for a family but perfect for somebody living on their own. More details on the mini houses here.


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