This Portable Oven Cooks The Most Incredible Pizza In 118 Seconds

Forget about building your own oven or heading our to a pizzeria. Introducing the Uuni 2

Pizza has to be one of the best foods ever invented. The fact that it is so simple to make (essentially bread, tomato sauce and cheese) makes it's universal appeal so incredible.

While most of us go out to eat pizza or grab a frozen version from the shops we are seeing more people trying to build their own pizza oven at home. Not an easy task but one company is latching onto this trend with the launch of the Uuni 2. It only weights 10KG (20lbs), cooks a pizza in 118 seconds and best of all is super portable so as you can take it on camping trips or pop it out into the garden. This is a complete game changer if you ask us!


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