This Tiny Cube Could Be The Future Of Projectors

A beautiful design for a clunky old technology

Screen Shot 2016 03 30 At 15 29 49

Nearly every office in the world has a projector sitting in the middle of the boardroom table. They always seem to be large, clunky and have wires spilling out at all angles.

The RIF6 aims to change all that by allowing you to connect to your mobile and project crystal clear at 120 inches on any wall. It's fully mobile and connects with your MHL/HDMI devices.

It comes in at a pretty reasonable $299 and as you can see below, the tech specs are impressive for something this small.

Screen Shot 2016 03 30 At 15 29 58
Screen Shot 2016 03 30 At 15 29 53
Screen Shot 2016 03 30 At 15 32 55
Screen Shot 2016 03 30 At 15 37 27

We're just amazed it has taken this long to come up with something like this. Badly needed.

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