Tinder Get Their Knickers In A Twist Over GAP Account Violation


Tinder have shut down GAP's Tinder campaign over terms and conditions violations. The popular dating app have gotten their knickers in a twist after GAP announced they were about the launch a new marketing campaign on their platform. According to Tinder, these actions are an "unauthorised violation of terms of service".

GAP were hoping to inspire Tinder's horny users ahead of their aggressive campaign for their SS15 line. GAP was hoping that daters would scroll through the app and come across its profile with pictures of messages like: "You're invited to the pants party". But their guerrilla marketing campaign seriously poo-pooed on the famous underwear brand. Tinder were quick to disassociate themselves and say that they in no way approved of the campaign and that it wasn't a paid ad. So much for the pants party.

Tinder which is owned by IAC/InterActive, has considered offering ads on its free service but their premium service contains no paid marketing.


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Louise Johnston

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