Turn Your Instagram Pictures Into... Tattoos


Ever seen an Instagram picture that was so damn cool you were like "you know what, I want to show this to all my friends. But instead of just simply taking out my phone and being all like, 'hey.. look at this' I am going to stick it to my skin and show it to everyone"? Well if so, I've found the product for you.

The company Picattoo based in The Netherlands will send you twelve temporary tattoos for just €10.99 and ship worldwide. The tattoos, which are laser printed onto temporary tattoo paper in colour, will last up to about a week depending on how much you wash yourself or the area said tattoo is.

The main catch however is that you have to use your own photos. So that cute picture Mary from down the road posted of her seventeen cats all being cute and shit, you can't stick that picture to your own person for a week. I know, there's a first world problem I don't think I ever thought I would be talking about.

Would you use the service? If so what picture would you stick to yourself for a week? Personally I would go with one of my favourite pictures from the recent world cup. But that's just my own opinion.

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Written By

Dylan Varian