Valentine's Gifts For The Geeks


Love comes in many forms, and not everybody wants chocolates, mundane jewellery, silly vouchers or overly expensive bunches of red roses on the big, sexy V-Day. For those of you out of touch, I'm talking about St.Valentine's Day. Yes, the day us singletons absolutely despise with a passion. It's the overly commercialised day that's so disgusting to anyone who isn't getting any. I mean, who's responsible for twisting the minds of other humans and making them believe they only have one day to prove their ever-lasting love for the reserved names in their lives? Fuck you Hallmark.

Anyway, less about how I feel and more about how I can help you helpless love birds to woo your better geeky half to ensure you get sexual and emotional success next week. Here are 14 (see what I did there?) epic Valentine's gifts:

1. Plush Kitten Bouquet $49.99

Forget real flowers and give something everlasting, like these adorable wee kitties. (BUY)

1539 plush kitten bouquet-1

2. 8-Bit Rose $9.99

They say Italians are great charmers so why not give this Mario Bros inspired rose to your crotch lover. (BUY)

f2a4 8-bit rose

3. Star Wars Lightsaber Red Chopsticks $11

What better way to show off your undying love for one another in public than a matching pair of these chopsticks? (BUY)

710aJP2YeTL. SL1500

4. iRobot Roomba Vacuum $344.99

Nothing says "I love you" more than not expecting your other half to constantly clean up after your mess. I've known of people getting physically hurt after buying vacuums as presents but this iRobot Roomba does all the hard work for you. (BUY)

71sn27Q0V2L. SL1500

5. Breaking Bad Beaker Mug $11.99

Totally nerd out together with matching, bad-ass, super-cutesies Breaking Bad mugs. (BUY)

17e7 breaking bad beaker mug

6. Recycled Clock From Computer Parts €29.11

Win at presents forever with this handmade clock made from hard drive parts from Etsy. They've actually a whole range of recycled clocks. (BUY)

il 570xN.295960054

7. Star Trek Card €3.96

What better way to win someone over than this whopper card- "Set Phaser to Stunning". (BUY)

il 570xN.713236925 9hat

8. Superheroine Cosplay $34.99

Indulge in a little sexy superheroine cosplay with these caped rompers. (BUY)

1d3b superhero caped rompers

9. Star Wars Love Print €10.92

Your home wouldn't be complete without this amazing little print. (BUY)

il 570xN.693439035 3vci

10. Sleeping Desk Work Station $59.35

Nothing says "I love when you work remotely" more than this epic device. It means your loved one never has to get out of the love cradle ever again. (BUY)


11. Dinosaur Bone Fragment $14.99

Give a piece of the prehistoric world to your soulmate. This ancient fossil is approximately 65 million years old and comes from the Cretacepis age of South Dakota. (BUY)


12. Old School Nintendo

Bring your love right back to the 90's with an old school Nintendo console. (BUY)


13. Gold Keyboard Button $200

Chances are your geeky other half probably touches their keyboard more than you, so why not treat them to this stunning gold keyboard button? (BUY)


14. Matching Star Trek Hoodies $59.99 Each

Be the envy of your friends and buy matching hoodies. Choose from Command Yellow, Sciences Blue, or Engineering Red. (BUY)

1a00 st tos uniform hoodie-1

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Louise Johnston

With experience in the Irish FMCG industry LoJo has previously worked for global brands such as Bacardi and Red Bull. She can be described as a passionate infomaniac with an innate flare for brands, marketing and tech trends.