What Does Physical Graffiti Look Like? Check Out Van's Latest Mini Docu


We've seen graffiti take many forms over the past couple of decades. It has moved far away from the traditional wall-spray paint graphics. Artists like Maser now do huge indoor and outdoor installations and his work is appreciated by a global audience, with the thanks to social media for allowing art to be so accessible (rather than just locals). Vans, the popular clothing brand have shot a series of short documentaries profiling some of the most creative creatives from around the world. The series called #LivingOffTheWall is produced by documentarian Vincent Skoglund. In this video, designer Anton Alvarez is showcased with his own amazing invention- the thread wrapping machine. This is where graffiti meets furniture by using simple materials like threads and wood. Each thread has been coated in paint before being wrapped by his machine to create some of the most abstract pieces of bespoke furniture.


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