Whatsapp Calls Are Now Live (In India) - Here's What They Look Like


We've known it has been coming for some time and now it appears that Whatsapp phone calls are out there and in the wild. Users are getting access to the service in India on both Android and iOS this week and the company (owned by Facebook) have confirmed they are about to start rolling it out. Interestingly it won't be given to everybody automatically via a standard update with new users added as you call somebody. Thats very much like a Gmail or Mailbox style roll out plan that will allow them to manage the uptake because it would be carnage launching to 700 million users in one go.

If I was a telco right now I would be very very worried indeed. The handful of people who have tested it over 3G and edge say that the quality of the call is superb right up there with a traditional phone call. The game just changed.

whatsapp voice calling iphone

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