Why Are You Losing Up To 10% Of Your Instagram Followers Today?


You might have noticed that you are losing Instragram followers at a dramatic rate today as the ultimate social media vanity metric starts to plunge before your despairing eyes. Don't worry though because it isn't about the latest photo you posted but rather Instagram doing a bit of spring cleaning. You may remember a couple of weeks ago that they announced having 300 million users which was a huge milestone to reach but just like all social networks a good 10% of those were spam or ghost accounts. Instagram shared this message last week...


Facebook had to do this in the early days as did Twitter changing follower numbers overnight and the only good news is that most other people will be losing a similar percentage of followers. So stop freaking out and get back to posting amazing photos and growing this meaningful followers. All that happened was you lost a load of spam accounts that were following you.

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Niall Harbison

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