The 12 Most Irish Things To Happen This Week

Such as tricolour dogs, shifting signs, and unmissable GAA jerseys

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The Irish sense of humour is a funny one (I'm sorry).

But, the best part of it is that it can be found everywhere. No one is truly safe from that wry wit and to-the-point hilarity. 

We've rounded up the best of the week to show you what we're on about...

1. This passive aggressive warning sign placed above a bar

Spotted in the Róisín Dubh.


An madra seo abú!

3. No wait, THESE SHEEP

Have we hit peak Ireland? Is this it?!

4. Changing Mass times due to the football

Sure even God himself can wait for round two of IREvFRA.

5. This shop in Connemara

Selling the bare necessities and the bare necessities alone. 

6. This no-frills coffee dispenser

Fill up yourself and the car up in one handy, efficient trip.

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7. The whole port tunnel shutting down due to this teeny tiny kitten and its mischievous ways

What's it like, the dote. 

In case any of you are wondering – the kitten was safely removed


8. This interesting choice of attire at Wimbledon

You can take the man out of Kilkenny...

9. This unmissable summer deal

10. This ornate lighting arrangement

Well, we suppose whiskey IS electrifying in many ways...

11. This lifelong ode to the Boys In Green


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12. And finally, this live on air giggle fit on RTÉ

The craic seemed mighty. Full story here.

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