The 13 Most Irish Things That Happened This Week

Featuring horse power, animal friends and shook cows. No, we're not kidding.

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Irish humour is the best, wittiest and grittiest around. And we're not even biased, we swear. 

Here's our selection of the best and gassest we could find this week. Read 'em and fall in love with the Irish public all over again.

1. This unusual mode of transport

2. This complete act of pure head-onism

And a deal to dye for. Happy days. 

3. This reaction to Kerry County Council digging up a holy well

Sending our love down the well...

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4. This personable Stop sign

It's like you're talking to a friend. 

6. This tempting raffle prize

At only €5 a ticket, you're practically making money. 

7. This perfect Facebook comeback

Anyone who had ever commuted ever will appreciate this. 

#buseireann #nightmares #standclear

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8. Who says graffiti doesn't belong in the midlands?

Blessed art thou amongst bogland. 

9. Or this equally impressive hay bale

Ain't no party like a hay bale party cause a hay bale party don't stop!

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10. This trendy 'drinking cap'

Never leave home without one!

11. The truth, the whole truth and nothing butt the truth

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11. This modern-day Snow White

''Oh thank you, my animal friends!''

12. And finally, this distressed member of the cattle community

Bovine love is real love. 

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