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27th Oct 2018

The 18 Worst ‘Must-Have’ Christmas Presents Of All Time


Every year, a certain toy grips the nation and makes parents sweat. The ‘must-have’ toy they call it – remember the Frozen epidemic a few Christmases ago?

But the thing is, these toys are hyped up so much at the time that we don’t realise that they’re actually a bit shite.

Trendy marketing campaigns and word-of-mouth made them seem so much cooler – and we were totally oblivious.

Here’s a selection of some of the most ridiculous.

1. Furbies

Weird, talking freaks.

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2. Heelies

We still stand our ground and agree these should’ve been made illegal.


3. Tamagotchi

Ideal for parents who didn’t want to commit to having a proper pet, annoying for everyone who came in contact with them.

778px Tamagotchi 0124 Ubt

4. Troll dolls

Why were they a thing?

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5. Mr Potato Head

A toy that falls apart, only to be put back together again. We were conned.

Safe Image

6. Mr Frosty

A toy thousands purchased which turned plain slushy ice, into coloured slushy ice.

7. Alien babies

Those super gross weird alien baby things that had delusions of gestation, yet rarely produced offspring.

(But you told everyone that yours had a kid.)

8. Pogs

Little circular things that were used to flip other little circular things.

There were even world championships. What on earth was the 90s?!

9. Polly Pocket

Arguably the most losable toy pieces known to man.

10. Pokemon Cards

Actually a solid investment for your child – cheap, cheerful and it taught them the art of trade and barter.

Only thing was, they were banned from all schoolyards and they got bloody ruined in washing machines.

11. Yo-yos

Wood and string.

Wood. And. String.

1024px Mexican Yoyos

12. Balancing bird

A weird time for children’s toys.

13. Quicktwist

The quickest way to ensure that you will fuck up your hair and have a sizeable bald patch for the rest of your days.

14. Bratz dolls

The slightly more worldly Barbie who took no shit from no-one.

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15. Beyblades

They broke the shit out of each other every time.

16. Bop-It

An intense lesson in concentration, punishing kids for not paying attention… and punishing adults for having ears.

17. Hit Clips

The iPod before iPods.

… which only had one earphone and each song lasted 60 seconds.

18. And finally, Skip-It

An attempt to modernise the skipping rope.

Talk about a recipe for disaster.

Ahhhh, those were the days.

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