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06th Feb 2017

Agony Of Irish Patients On Waiting Lists Is The Subject Of Tonight’s RTÉ Investigation

James Fenton

RTÉ are set to air an investigative look in Irish hospital waiting lists tonight.

Living On The List will aim to highlight the pain and suffering of those who must spend months or even years waiting for critical procedures and operations around the country.

The documentary is also set to reveal that the number of patients on waiting lists is believed to be significantly higher than the official published figures,

Among the patients in desperate need of treatment is Daragh Cahill, aged 7 from Kilkenny who suffers from scoliosis, in other words a curving of the spine. Daragh often finds himself struggling to breathe due to pressure placed on his lungs by the curvature of his spine.

Daragh’s plight is featured in the below preview released by RTÉ:

Another case involves 13-year-old Megan who also suffers from scoliosis and finds it difficult to attend school because of the pain.


(pic credit: RTÉ)

Another shocking clip focuses on the extreme psychological effects of being on waiting lists with a large number of patients even contemplating suicide in order to relieve the pain with which they live every day:

Living On The List will air tonight at 9.35pm on RTÉ One.

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