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22nd Jul 2021

The basic B’s guide to Love Island episode 21

Fiona Frawley

Last night we saw Love Island finally start Love Islanding,

with many success stories to report.

A great turn out for the books, it has to be said. The episode started off with the islanders choosing who to dump out of the least popular boys/girls, predictably enough they went for Danny and AJ so there was really no need for that cliffhanger the night before, was there now ITV? Sad enough for AJ, she attached herself to the sinking ship that is Hugo Hammond and didn’t have a chance thereafter, but we’re definitely happy to see the back of Danny and his serial killer vibes.

Next came the reveal that three newbies would be entering the villa – Abigail, Georgia and Tyler. There was a bit of uncertainty regarding Tyler’s gender based on the name alone, but as Kaz rightly said, “I need Tyler to be a MAN”. Us too Kaz, us too.

Linking arms as if they were partaking in some sort of swing dancing contest, Abigail, Georgia and Tyler entered. Can we all agree that if there’s more than two bombshells, the hand holding/arm linking isn’t really necessary?

The chat about what their types were, who they had their eye on etc etc commenced. Georgia was right out with the fact that she liked Hugo, which I assume means she just wants a holiday of approx. 2 (two) days. To be fair though, she probably is as close to his type as they come. Blonde, looks like a 4th class teacher who encourages kids to read for fun and ~natural~ whatever that means in this day and age (the only work she’s had done is braces, as she told Faye). Can we collectively agree that this is Hugo’s last chance? This woman was selected for him by the gods, if he dismisses her for being into horses like his ex, we riot.

Now, onto the good stuff. There’s clearly a connection between Tyler and Kaz. We’re praying to the villa gods, St Anthony and the Child of Prague that he’s genuine. They instantly seem to get on well, he thinks she’s pretty and he’s looking to own his own law firm one day, so could definitely take Kaz out for some nice dinners. We’re elated.

Elsewhere, in a delicious bounty of karma, we saw cracks forming in Toby and Chloe’s relationship as he chatted to new girl Abigail, again taking no responsibility for anything and carrying on as if everything just happens around him.

It seems Chloe has reached her limit for being Toby’s babysitter and is upset he might be moving onto the first person who shows him the slightest bit of interest, just as he did from Kaz to Chloe. Kaz being swept off her feet as the people who wronged her meet their demise? Truly, we love to see it.

Header image via Instagram/Love Island 

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