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04th Aug 2021

The basic B’s guide to Love Island episode 32

Fiona Frawley

The general consensus on Twitter and beyond was that last night’s episode was an extremely boring one.

There are too many people, too many subplots, Casa Amor cast offs trying to convince themselves they have connections and “good banter” with other cast offs… it’s hard to stay invested in them all. Presumably, this issue will be solved after the public vote that was announced at the end of the episode, but more on that later.

We started off with a reminder of the stark divide between the OG girls and the Casa girls – the OG’s were up having their usual morning coffees on the terrace while the Casa girls comforted Clarisse on the sun loungers. In fairness, there are about 85 of them so I’m sure there isn’t room for everyone up in the terrace, but it’s clear they’re happy enough to stay away from each other.

Clarisse was rightly expressing her upset at Tyler keeping her on the long finger as soon as they arrived back to the main villa – he’d done the same thing to her he had with Kaz, convincing her she was the only one he was interested in, promising her the world etc. etc., promises that are probably just second nature from his career as a second hand car salesperson (I refuse to believe that man is a lawyer). It’d be easier if he just straight out told her he was no longer interested and wanted to go back to Kaz, but that’d be far too admirable. He wants to keep his options open with both, speaking in percentages when they ask him to make a decision and asking the boys if it’d be appropriate to give them kisses in front of each other. I’d be raging if I was Clarisse too. Or Kaz, or any woman in that villa tbh.

Next up was the reveal that both Abi and Mary were interested in Casa Amor boy Dale, a situation which went from light hearted ‘may the best woman win’ to what looked like a re-enactment of The Boy Is Mine video by the end of the ep.

Chloe and Toby had a chat that indicated they’d be rekindling their relationship, and tbh I’m happy for them. They’ve gone from the couple we were begging to have voted off to two of the most consistently entertaining people in there, who can’t do any real harm to anyone because they’re simply both too unhinged.

In the background, we’re seeing Liam slowly but surely work his way back into Millie’s life, even though his best attempts have been writing a message on kitchen paper about how he misses rubbing his unmentionables into her back in bed and reading a junior cert ordinary level english poem about her off his notes app in front of everyone. If they’re going to rekindle this deeply damaged relationship, the general consensus is we’d rather it done off our screens. We love you Millie, but you’re on your own with this one.

After the islanders’ oscar-winning performances as Mabel stans, the re-coupling was announced and in a shocking twist of events, it happened in one clean sweep with no cliffhangers.

The re-coupling went as follows:

  • Liberty and Jake
  • Faye and Teddy
  • Amy and Hugo
  • Kaz and Matthew

  • Clarisse and a very disgruntled Tyler
  • Chloe and Toby
  • Millie and Liam
  • Abi and Dale
  • Mary and Sam

Then followed the announcement of the public vote, so presumably we’ll see a cull of three or so couples tonight, it has to be done. Otherwise they’ll need to throw up a few prefabs ASAP to house all these extras.

Header image via Instagram/Love Island 

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