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20th Dec 2016

The Very Best Tweets About The Latest Episode Of Planet Earth


The BBC’s latest version of the Planet Earth series has received widespread acclaim from viewers, and obviously once again taken social media by storm as we sat down with our hangovers still very fresh on Sunday night.

Here are the best tweets we found related to David Attenborough’s latest animal kingdom adventure which had us glued to our screens, with the focus this week on Grasslands.

One of the highlights of the programme itself is the BBC Earth Twitter account’s contributions, which had these unreal posts on Sunday’s episode:

Match of the Day presenter and former professional footballer Gary Lineker pretty much summed up what we were all thinking:

Former Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson said some people should be get their jotters out:

One Twitter user managed to pay Attenborough the perfect compliment:

And another, slightly weirder compliment:

Northern Irish comedian Shane Todd reckons bison would be a good laugh:

This tweeter encapsulated every Sunday night we’ve had the last few weeks:

And what we were all thinking during the buffalo/lion showdown:

An emotional struggle to say the least. 

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