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05th May 2018

‘The Commitments’ Was On Telly Last Night And Twitter Was Absolutely Hopping

James Fenton

“There’s fecking never anything on is there?”, is often how the conversation goes in Irish households on Friday nights. Last night, however, TV3 gave us all a massive treat by airing The Commitments, arguably the most universally popular Irish movie of all time. 

Roddy Doyle’s story of Jimmy Rabbitte and his merry band of soul men and soul women has warmed the hearts and tickled the funny bones of the nation since its release in 1991. 

Last night was no exception plenty of people taking to Twitter to share their joy. Favourite quotes were shared, little (or not so little) known facts were exchanged and there was plenty of Irish celeb-spotting too. 

It was one of those rare scenarios on Twitter where people weren’t jumping down each other’s throats and everyone was just having the craic. The power of film, wha? 

The excitement was difficult to contain…

The best quotes still resonate to this day… 

The nostalgia was real, lads…

Sure who’d be going out?

Who says you can’t enjoy a classic comedy and learn at the same time?

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