The Great Dress Debate - Here's How The Celebrities See It


It is the great argument that none of us saw coming in 2015... what colour is THAT dress? While countless media outlets have argued over it and even explained in great detail what is happening to make us all see it differently we prefer to look at it in the only logical way possible... through the eyes of celebrities. Here are some of the biggest stars in the world weighing in on each side of the great debate...

Team White And Gold

She wears a lot of dresses so you'd have to trust what Taylor sees

Kim says white too. Maybe its a girl thing

Cara trying to talk some sense on the subject

A mans perspective always valued on a dress and Jimmy knows his stuff

But it is driving people mad even if they are sure of what they see

Team Blue And Black

If Bieber says so that means all the teenage girls are blue and black

Hold on now you are confusing us

The wise words of the uber humble Jaden Smith

No doubt about it from Mindy

Miley might want to actually wear a dress for once

What's the deal with this fucking dress? #blueandblack

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One thing everybody agrees on

Lets all move on with our lives

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