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20th Nov 2017

The Latest Burrito Trend Sounds Absolutely Delicious And Bizarre At The Same Time


Let’s take a quick look at the classic burrito, shall we? A masterpiece of rice, meat, beans, and soft tortilla wrap, it puts any batch loaf sambo from Centra to shame. 

Trust the Americans then, to take it up to a whole other level. As if the carbs weren’t high enough in a normal burrito, YouTube channel HealthyJunkFood has just come up with a spaghetti burrito. 

Roll that around your mind for a moment… Drooling yet? ‘Cos we are.

It’s basically a big handful of spaghetti bolognese rolled up into a burrito with extra cheese and then deep-fried…

This is 2,000 calories we’d happily munch down

Any takers for bringing this to Ireland please?

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