The Most Common Names People Choose For Their Cats And Dogs Have Been Revealed

How unoriginal are you?

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In our humble opinion, finding the right name for your pet is just as important as naming your child.

After all, you're going to be shouting it a lot in public places.

The most common names that people choose for their pets have now been revealed in a study carried out by Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and there's a few surprising ones on the list.

For male dogs, Charlie was the most popular, followed by Max, Oliver, Buddy, Rocky, Teddy, Milo, Tucker and Bentley.

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Bella came out on top for female dogs followed by Lucy, Luna, Daisy, Lola, Sadie, Molly, Stella, Chloe and Maggie.

When it came to cats, Oliver, Max, Milo, Simba, Leo, Charlie, Jack, Loki, Smokey and Jasper were the most popular for males, with Luna, Bella, Lucy, Chloe, Lily, Mia, Sophie, Lola, Nala and Daisy making up the list for females.

Can't say we've heard too many people roaring 'Luna' after their labrador in the Phoenix Park but we'll take their word for it!

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