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30th Jan 2020

The transgender flag, a happy tear and 115 other new emojis are coming to your phone

James Fenton

The emoji language is always evolving and just when you think everything is covered, they go and announce the introduction of 117 new symbols.

Emojipedia has revealed the new additions which include everything from the transgender flag to a happy face with a tear and an image of two people hugging (below) which is a big improvement on the previous hugging face effort, it has to be said.

Other new additions include feeding baby emojis as well as gender-inclusive Santas, tuxedos and veils and, of course, ninjas.

As far as animals go, we now have options to quickly punch in references for seals, beavers, polar bears and even sadly-departed creatures like the dodo and the mammoth.

The whole new emoji range was unveiled in a video clip and you can view the new selection for yourself below…

The new emoji range will soon be available iOS and Android and you can read more about them here if you’re still able to understand actual words.