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16th Sep 2021

The week in TikToks – our top picks

Fiona Frawley

Well guys, we’ve made it to Thursday.

It wasn’t easy at times, and we deserve a reward. Can I recommend a few minutes of distraction from work to enjoy some hilarious TikToks? I won’t tell your boss. Let’s be honest, it’ll help you to work more effectively for the rest of the day. In this tapas of Irish vids we’ve got grandads who forgot their glasses, we’ve got nosy mams, and so much more. Let’s dive in.

1. The grandad who forgot his glasses.

I promised he’d be here in the intro, so here you go. Check the second video to see him attempting to come to terms with his new found TikTok fame.

2. The Nosy Mam Challenge

Pretending you have a bitta goss in front of your mother is guaranteed good content.

3. The obligatory annual Bray Head hike

We’re feeling very seen by this one.

4. Irish translations

Irish is easy… right?

5. Irish mother being asked to do something other than make the dinner

How dare he, to be fair.

Did we miss any TikTok humdingers from this week? Let us know!

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