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29th May 2017

The World’s Latest Festival Trend Will Just Baffle Irish People


Looking well at a festival is pretty tough. 

Days spent gorging on cans, noodles and general divilment will leave even the freshest of skin looking tired. 

However, the latest festival trend will allocate a distraction to even the most haggard looking of festival faces. And this trend is…

Foil Freckles

Yep, you read right. Foil Freckles

The temporary tattoos, made by Mr Kate , come in gold and silver – and to apply, you literally just stick them on your face.

Simply cut off a strip, press to your skin, dampen the other side of the application paper and then press down before pulling off to reveal your new sparkly freckles


While we’re still firmly on the fence about these (considering we collectively have enough non-foil freckles to envelope the Spire) we do believe that they could be cool on others. 

Maybe just not on us…

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