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12th Dec 2017

There Will Be A Huge Meteor Shower Visible From Ireland Tonight And Tomorrow Night

Darragh Berry

This might be one to watch from the bed, especially if the weather continues to be as cold as it has been but one thing is for certain, it is definitely one to watch. 

We will be treated to a spectacular display of shooting stars very early on Wednesday and Thursday morning this week as the annual Geminid meteor shower comes back.

The display happens every December but this year’s is set to be the brightest and most beautiful of them all. 

Earth Sky is reporting that an almost absent moon will make sure that the meteors stand out and fill our skies above.

On a dark night, you can often catch 50 or more meteors per hour

The best time to see the showers this year is between 1am and 2am on Wednesday and Thursday (13 and 14 December) but “the usually reliable and prolific Geminid meteor shower will also be slightly visible from mid-evening December 13 until dawn December 14.”

Robin Scagell, vice-president of the Society for Popular Astronomy, said: “They’ll be very good because there’s virtually no moonlight getting in the way at all.
“Weather permitting, it could be one of the best displays we’ve had for a long time. The last one like this was in 2014, when there was very little moon.

“On average, you should see one or two meteors a minute, maybe 90 per hour under really good conditions.

“Some of the brightest meteors I’ve seen have been Geminids. They move relatively slowly across the sky so are easy to photograph, and you can get one or two fireballs among them.

Following this link will tell you – according to your location – what direction you should be looking at the sky for a specific time. 

Meteor Timetable

How to View the Geminids

  • Get out of the city to a place where city and artificial lights do not impede your viewing
  • If you are out viewing the shower during its peak, you will not need any special equipment. You should be able to see the shower with your naked eyes.
  • Carry a blanket or a comfortable chair with you – viewing meteors, just like any other kind of star gazing is a waiting game, and you need to be comfortable. Plus, you may not want to leave until you can’t see the majestic celestial fireworks anymore.
  • Check the weather and moonrise and moonset timings for your location before you leave, and plan your viewing around it.

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