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04th Nov 2021

There’s a Kid Cudi documentary coming this Friday!

Katy Thornton

The documentary drops on Amazon Prime on Friday 5th November.

Kid Cudi has always been open about his struggle with his mental health. His new documentary A Man Named Scott looks to venture deeper, and with it being Movember, it couldn’t come at a better time. Movember is a month that focuses on men’s health issues, both physical and mental. At the beginning of the trailer, Cudi explains that music has always been an escape for him, and that he needed his music to help people.

Cudi goes on to say he wanted to make something that “called out to the broken and the lost”. The documentary seems to follow the artist’s rise to fame, and how he transitioned from Scott to Kid Cudi. In a chilling moment he says, “People looked up to me, but I wasn’t a happy person”. It’s clear from the trailer that Cudi struggled with this aspect of his fame.

We can’t wait to watch the documentary for ourselves as it looks to be an illuminating look into Cudi’s life and his music.

Header image via Instagram/kidcudi

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