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PIC: This Sign On An Irish Road Looked To Spell Absolute Heartbreak For A Married Couple To Be

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This sign was spotted on a busy Offay road on Friday and it’s been confusing motorists ever since.

The sign contains a ‘u-turn’ arrow sign with the words ‘Think About It, Barbara.”

Locals were saying that the sign was encouraging a local bride to reconsider her upcoming wedding.

At first, people were thinking that someone had said no to a proposal and was then told to “think about it”

However, many locals who know the happy couple said that the bride ‘ignored the sign’ and married her husband, Michael over the weekend.

The bride believes that the cheeky sign was created by a bridesmaid on the morning of the wedding.

Some of the comments under the post read:

“Too late now! Bairbre has only gone and done it! And we couldn’t be more delighted.”

“Love it congratulations Michael and Bairbre having a great day”

Congrats to the happy couple!

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