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10th Jul 2017

This 1986 ‘Garda Patrol’ TV Show Clip Is Straight Outta Father Ted


There’s been some classic moments on Irish telly over the years: man slipping on ice instantly springs to mind, but the truly fantastic ones can sometimes slip under the radar.

Take this 1986 clip of Garda Patrol, the 80s version of Crimecall, for a prime example.

A fine mustached Gardai is talking through alllll the exciting crime news and investigations of the past week, and Jesus Christ has crime in Ireland exploded since then.

Top of the listings include a stolen burglar alarm with the keys still in it (yes, really), a missing caravan, and some sort of power tool that “the Gardai at Kilmainham would like to know where it is now.”

It’s all very polite and VERY Father Ted. 

These two bits steal the show though…

The absolute best segments from the video include two stolen lead ornaments – a “male and a female” – that were taken from a home, and 11 cattle that were taken from a shed.

Have you seen these cows?

Well, I mean, not these cows. Just cows that look similar to these ones. Just y’know, a friendly reminder to the people of Ireland as to what cows look like.


Who knows what exciting crimes featured on the next week’s show…

Skip to six minutes into the clip for the full hilarious footage. You couldn’t script it.

(Skip to 6.00)

Never change Eire…

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