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This ‘365 Money Challenge’ Is A Genius Way To Save A Heap Of Money In Just One Year

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There’s no time quite like the start of the month for making you feel broke, tired – and SERIOUSLY broke.

Pay day feels lightyears away and the very idea of being able to make enough money to put aside to save might seem impossible – but thanks to a new money saving challenge, it’s actually easier than you think.

The 365 Challenge was created by Apartment Therapy and works off the idea that by putting aside small amounts of money, you’ll barely notice it.

The plan involves saving €1 on a Sunday, €2 on Monday and so on, until it gets to Saturday (or the seventh day) where you put aside €7 – and then the whole thing starts all over again.

You’ll end up with €1,475 by the end of the year. If putting money aside is too much effort, try the 52-week challenge:

Here’s exactly how the 52-week challenge works…

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Image: Lohiceyo.com

You’ll be rollin’ in it before you know it.

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