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31st May 2017

This Classic Game Show Is Coming To Ireland


 “Nice to see you, to see you…NICE!” 

If you’ve ever watched old versions of a certain classic UK game show hosted by Bruce Forsyth in the 80’s, then you’ll know this phrase.

If not: it’s from  The Price Is Right,  a game show with a big wheel where contestants have the chance to win a loaaad of money and prizes like cars and holidays. 

And now we have the delightful news that it will be returning to our screens with a very special Irish edition.

An industry source told the Irish Sun: “The Price Is Right is a proven hit so it will be good for TV3. But nothing is signed yet and the deal is still at the earliest stages.”

The Irish Sun have tipped Lucy Kennedy and Panti Bliss to host the show, which is rumoured to run on TV3.

Here’s hoping some lucky fecker wins big on this.

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