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11th Mar 2020

This clip of Niall Horan and James Cordon eating chicken wings is the most ridiculous thing you’ll watch all day

Sarah Finnan

Niall Horan on the Late Late Show

They really committed to it, in fairness.

Mullingar man and ex-One Direction star, Niall Horan is appearing on the Late Late Show with James Corden every night this week.

A regular guest on the show himself, Niall has become quite pally with James over the years – but they’ve since taken their friendship to the next level, bonding over a bowl of hot wings. And it’s easily the most ridiculous thing you’ll watch today.

The clip starts by showing the two sitting in a restaurant where they’re watching an American football game. They each order a portion of chicken wings, deciding on hot over mild when asked by the waitress… swayed by the fact that the mild wings are popular with children.

Waiving the option of water, things get progressively more dramatic as the pair make their way through multiple bowls of chicken wings – each one hotter than the one before.

And of course, all hell eventually breaks loose, with James using a fire extinguisher to cool down and Niall pouring cream over his head to combat the spice… as you do.

Watch the clip of Niall Horan vs James Corden below and tell me it’s not completely outlandish.

On the show to promote his second album, Heartbreak Weather, Niall has been keeping James company, performing singles such as Put a Little Love on Me – and with several nights still left in the week, there’s no telling what antics they’ll get up to next.

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