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This Exercise Video Of Cher From The 90’s Is The Most Extravagant Thing You’ll Ever See

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Cher is the Goddess of pop.

She’s released some of the best tunes around and her most recent appearance in Mamma Mia made me love her even more.

Between her many acting and singing gigs in the 90’s however, Cher released one of the most extravagant exercise videos you will ever see.

When I’m getting ready for the gym I pull my hair back in a hun bun, throw on a dodgy t-shirt from Clubs And Socs Day 2015 in college and a pair of leggings with a hole in them.

Would Cher be up to that craic?

Absolutely not.

How dare we even question it.

Cher appears in this 40-minute video in a see-through embellished black jumpsuit and boots.

She looks feckin DEADLY!

It’s actually the same jumpsuit from her music video “Turn Back Time”.

Imagine rocking into your next Zumba class in that geddup?

What a legend!

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