This Fairytale Irish Castle Is For Sale

We need to live here right now!

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Owning a castle is the dream we all have as kids, so we thought we'd look them up and find one that you can actually buy. 

It isn't cheap at €6.5m, but with lush grounds, lavish rooms and a gorgeous setting outside Limerick you'll be getting plenty of bang for your money. 

Some quick facts about this place...

  • 380 acres of land
  • It's own dairy farm
  • Dates back to the 13th century
  • 1900 sqm
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And some more info from the seller...

One of Ireland's most historic properties Glin Castle has been in the FitzGerald family, hereditary Knights of Glin, for over 700 years. The romantic and fairytale title of the Knight of Glin dates back to the early 13th Century. The title is an anomaly, akin to Irish chieftainships, and illustrates the Gaelicization of a powerful Norman family. In spite of the usual series of massacres, attainders, and confiscations, the Knights of the Glen, or Valley, have somehow managed to retain their lands at Glin for over seven centuries.

Sold. We'll take it.

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