This Guy Does Amazing Doodles On Post Its – Here Are 10 Of His Best

Genius stuff, right here

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I've been following Insta Chaz for about a year now on Instagram and I've never seen a post it doodles by him that I didn't agree with.

He takes fairly complex information, distils it down to its most basic and usually gives you a giggle along the way.

The account is getting so popular that he's just scored a book deal (so be sure to follow him). Here are 10 of the best to get you started. 

Friend: oops, I liked a post from 2 years ago. Me: [walks into ocean]

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"Yes, I realise you think this is amazing, but I am not having a fun time"

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Learnt everything I know from my tutor, Mr. R Grimes.

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Happy Friday everyone.

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Sadly, only one of these fields requires you to be quite smart to excel in it.

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