This Hilarious Cheats Guide To Irish Slang Is Actually Really Useful

"Get the boat"


Even if you've grown up in Ireland your entire life, chances are there's a few mad colloquial phrases that even native Irish don't quite get.

A super handy Reddit thread asked for the most commonly used Irish colloquialisms and jaysis we might just print this out and give it to any mates who are new to the country.

Consider this your guide to Irish slang...

Grand - Can be used for everything

Sound - Thank you/something or someone that is good or nice

No bother - No problem/Ok/Sure

Well - Hello

Wouldn't say boo to a ghost - Someone is very timid or quiet or sometimes gentle

Buzzin - I am good/ok. Everything is good. I approve.

Ride me/her/him/them like an unbroken filly - Rough or intense sex

Together like a tinkers yard - Something messy or unkempt

I will in me hole - I'm not doing that

Yer one - That woman over there

The hack of ye - You look appalling

Get the fuck - Please go away

Any buzz? - What's up?

Maaaaa - Mother dear!

There ya go...

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