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17th Nov 2017

This Dublin Mammy Freaking Out Over Her Christmas Turkey Defrosting Will Have You Roaring


Irish mammies are a thing of legends at this stage, and for some reason Christmas really brings out the best (or worst) in our sweet mothers.

We have emotional surprise homecoming videos, mammies going on a mad one over the Christmas dinner, and basically just a whole load of incredible mam craic.

If you’ve ever been at home around your mam in the lead up to Christmas then you’ll know that getting “everything ready” for the dinner is NO joking matter. Seriously, don’t even try pretending the dog ate the ham. You will get death stares.

So when Aoife O’Flaherty from Tallaght witnessed her mam having a major freakout yesterday over the special Christmas turkey, she did the only thing a good Irish daughter would do: she filmed it.

The turkey was accidentally left out… And it defrosted, sending the poor mammy into an absolute rage

Aoife only managed to film the clean up, but jaysis even that is comedy gold. She said: “Mammy strikes again!!! Left her Christmas turkey out by accident and it defrosted so decided to kick the poor bird up and down the hall turkey splatter everywhere cause that was the ONLY turkey in the whole of Ireland she wanted to cook for Christmas.. r.i.p little birdy no one deserves a hidin like that..

“I’ve never witnessed violence like that towards a bird. Only caught her cleaning up the crime scene.. cover your children’s ears before playing.. p.s. had to wait till she went to bingo to put this up so she couldn’t hurt me.”

This is Irish mam rage in full swing

The poor woman. Here’s hoping some butchers out there still has a nice crown turkey she can have for the day itself…

Thanks to Megan O’Flaherty for sending this in! We hope only the turkey was injured in the ordeal…

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