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This New App Is Tinder For Double Dates

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Tinder has revolutionised the dating game around the world with people swiping left and right in record numbers. Despite it’s success, many still have reservations about actually meeting people and going on a date. Double is a brand new app in the very same style as Tinder, but which partners you up with a friend to go on a double date. While there have been tonnes of tinder clones, this is the first that I’ve seen that actually makes sense. It takes all the stress out of dating, removes the stigma and just turns it into a small group heading out for drinks. Romance may happen, but if it doesn’t or if somebody ends up being a creep- there is backup there to make it less awkward.

The only thing you have to do now is find somebody else who is single to partner up with, who is as good looking as you and start finding some matches. You could be a cynic and say this app is also a swinging app for couples looking to find other couples. Who knows how people will use it but seems like a neat little idea!


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