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12th Oct 2017

This Seriously Talented Irish Duo Have Released Their First EP And It’s Well Worth a Listen

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

You might not have heard of these guys yet, but we’d put big money on them making it big. 

The Ocelots are causing quite a storm on the Irish music scene after releasing their first EP Till We Get There, last week. The duo is made up of identical twin brothers Brandon and Ashley who are insanely talented and play a wide range of musical instruments, from the banjo to the harmonica. 

They have a unique style and original take on folk music that is wonderfully haunting and melodic, and their vocals are on point. 

Since the release of their EP on Spotify, I can say it’s been difficult for me to listen to anything else. 

To top it all off, the pair are super humble and you can tell they are just best mates. 

Watching them perform together is an absolute treat

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